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You will already know that the Valencian Community is the fourth in the country in terms of the number of SMEs… they are the great generators of employment! Many of them, moreover, want to move towards more social and nature-friendly approaches, but are there simple roadmaps and the necessary support to deal with this?

👉Bringing the SDGs to the ground, how?

Spain’s Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy already considers innovative entrepreneurship as an “icebreaker” for a new model of country. At Genion, we have been trying for many years to generate alliances and entrepreneurial networks that transform the territories. Always in community and committed to people and the planet.

Thanks to Transformacionales we are now focusing on small and medium-sized companies, the self-employed and Valencian entrepreneurship projects to accelerate the possibility of incorporating the principles of the 2030 Agenda and take action. The aim is to create very simple roadmaps so that they become part of their business activities.

👉 Transformacionales Objectives

We started in 2020 with training programmes to raise awareness of the SDGs, followed in 2021 with a Podcast dedicated to those people and companies who were already transforming the world; now, in 2022 and 2023, we too are taking action!

Aligned with the country’s challenges, already prioritised in the Sustainable Development Strategy, we intensify actions in the territory, create agile tools to generate accessible and simple roadmaps and connect people, companies and public and private institutions to create real support networks to accelerate the Goals to 2030

To summarise, the objectives of Transformacionales in 22/23 are:

  • Accelerate the territorialisation of the SDGs in the Vinalopó region through participatory work [through what we call Laboratories] and multi-stakeholder alliances.
  • Facilitate networked agile tools that show simple roadmaps towards the 2030 Agenda for entrepreneurs and SMEs [we are already designing a chatbot].
  • Create work networks that drive the connection and generation of initiatives to implement and accelerate the Goals to 2030 [this Transformacionales network will be present in an online platform where we will connect around 400 people, companies and institutions committed to the acceleration and territorialisation of the SDGs].

✅ You and your company can join the Transformacionales network

We are talking about focusing all our attention on entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. Even more so on women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, recognising and making them visible as agents of change and economic development, and promoting measures to overcome the barriers they encounter throughout the entrepreneurial process.

And we also talk about generating quality employment but also a just ecological transition, a transformation of the consumption and production model; we talk about innovation, gender equality… we talk about creating good companies for the world.

There is a network that, here in the Valencian Community, is led by the Genion cooperative and which brings together all those people and institutions, both public and private, with a desire to create good companies for the world. It is called La Network and if, throughout this post, you have felt aligned with our proposal [if you want to create a simple roadmap for your business, enjoy agile tools to guide you, create new local alliances to move forward…] you can belong to it by applying HERE 😉.

“All people and all efforts to ensure the sustainability of life and the planet”.

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