ImpulsaCultura Proyecta: 3rd Edition of a megaprogram based on cultural entrepreneurship.

Does the expression lart pour l’artsound familiar to you?

It’s a very beautiful motto, but unfortunately, not very practical.

And no, we haven’t become pessimistic (you know us, that’s impossible, resilience, anyone?).

We are simply aware of how tough it is to pursue any creative endeavor and not be able to continue or have to give up your passion forever due to lack of financial stability.

Fortunately, at GENION, we firmly believe that it is indeed possible to make a living from art, and we strongly advocate for culture to hold a prominent place in our society.

But, how?

Well, with a good business plan, guidance, and mentoring + the support of a strong community..

Just the pillars on which the III Edition of ImpulsaCultura Proyecta is based.

Keep on reading, we are excited for you to learn more about this program. 😉

👉 What is ImpulsaCultura Proyecta? The 3rd edition of a program focused on cultural entrepreneurship.

Let’s start from the beginning.

ImpulsaCultura Proyecta is the incubator for projects in the Creative and Cultural Industries of Alicante.

You might be wondering, what are these industries?

Well, according to UNESCO, they would include:

“Those organized sectors of activity whose primary purpose is the production or reproduction, promotion, dissemination, and/or commercialization of goods, services, and activities of cultural, artistic, or heritage content.”

In other words:

  • Culture and Science.
  • Advertising and Communication.
  • Cultural Tourism.
  • Design Crafts/Visual Arts.
  • Visual and Plastic Arts.
  • Literature – Comics.
  • Audiovisuals, Film, and Photography.
  • Video Games.
  • Performing Arts and Circus.
  • Cultural Heritage.
  • Popular Culture.
  • Music.

These cultural sectors will have their space in this edition of the program.

👉 Methodology of the ImpulsaCultura Proyecta program

At this point, you already know that we love rock and roll and also believe in pursuing exciting goals.

And now we are aiming to achieve a cultural district, with the support of Europe, which promotes the regeneration of these areas through strategies and actions focused on economic growth, tourism, and culture.

Above all, we are working towards the creation of a cohesive, trained, and supported cultural and creative community that can enhance the knowledge and skills needed to make their products and services profitable through the most innovative methodologies in the world.

Now, with technology at the service of people, we take a step further: integrating the cultural and creative community into the neighborhood to become the necessary catalyst, an authentic driver of economic recovery.

Sounds better than good, right?

Culture as a fundamental strategic axis for the city’s development.

✅ 1. The 3T's: talent + technology + tolerance

With such a goal in mind, it is only natural that we believe more than ever in the power of the 3 T’s of economic development:

  • Talent: entrepreneurial and creative talent from the Proyecta community that will grow in number, skills, and improve their ability to lead cultural projects.
  • Technology: that will connect, in a permanent and networked way, all those individuals and institutions (public and private) who want to design the change by forging the necessary alliances to achieve it.
  • Tolerance: to rethink the Hub and strengthen a sustainable, diverse, dynamic, inclusive, respectful cultural territory, the result of collective reflection.

Basic principles that will be the driving force of this program. We will engrave them in our hearts for each of the actions.

✅ 2. Itinerary: learning, mentoring, and entrepreneurship

A program like this, aimed at boosting culture and transforming creative ideas into stable businesses must always care for and support the community participating in the Incubator.

In that sense, the itinerary to follow will be:

  • Training: training sessions to implement an effective business model, with a good dose of agile methodologies, to turn their creative passion into a stable idea. Yes, and make a living from art.
  • Mentoring and support: to delve deeper into that business plan, guiding participants in each phase of the process and providing advice at all times. With experts from different areas such as business management, project management, branding design, cultural entrepreneurship, European funding, etc.
  • Networking: consolidating a strong community of cultural entrepreneurs who support each other and create powerful synergies to keep growing infinitely and beyond. Additionally, with continuous support from the La Network platform, the virtual community where Projects and workgroups can be created to keep progressing. Moreover, in this edition, the Proyecta Marketplace will be available to facilitate sales and projection opportunities for each participant ( will greatly facilitate the sales and projection options for each participant.
  • Social Innovation: laboratories, workshops, and other collaborative dynamics to co-create the reality of the future cultural Hub of the city through the participation of the Proyecta community itself.

As you can see, it is an ongoing process, constantly evolving, where we will be by your side, hand in hand, supporting you in whatever you need and pushing you to take the leap (yes, we’ll also put the safety net below to give you greater confidence).

👉 Novelties of the III Edition of ImpulsaCultura Proyecta

We come with a backpack full of learnings from the two previous editions of the program.

Now we are wiser individuals and we are expanding the expert network.

Also, with enormous travel companions, capable of bringing out the best in cultural entrepreneurs (a big applause for Gente Comunicación and La Creatura).

That’s why, in this edition, we wanted to add some very important novelties.

✅ 1. Projects incubator

One of the standout novelties is the revamped training workshops.

The team will accompany entrepreneurial individuals to improve their skills and knowledge throughout the process.

They will have access to the necessary training and individual mentoring to successfully embark on the journey of turning their creativity into a real and viable project.

In this Incubator, topics such as creating a foundational idea for the entrepreneurial project, communication and marketing, European cultural and creative funding opportunities, etc., will be addressed.

Constant learning, while you develop your idea and enhance your creativity.

✅ 2. Market Place

Another remarkable novelty of this edition is the creation and enhancement of a Market Place.

Entrepreneurs will have at their disposal a digital showcase to promote the commercialization of their cultural creations, products, or services online 24/7.

A window to the world for the participants of the ImpulsaCultura Proyecta community.

✅ 3. Bohemian Cultural District

New areas of innovation and creativity will be incorporated for urban dynamism aimed at projects from the creative and cultural community of the city.


Through various actions to showcase creative works, regenerate areas through art, or revitalize activities in neighborhoods through events… the goal is to begin programming innovative experiences led by the Proyecta community.

✅ 4. Demo Days

Periodically, events will take place to present the projects to the public.

And that is the best loudspeaker to make oneself known and gain greater visibility, as well as to test a product or service.

✅ 5. La Network

You already know La Network and its virtues very well (here is a post where we explain in detail its operation.).

That’s why we want the participants of this edition of the program to be part of this network as well. This time, it will be an exclusively cultural and creative technological platform: Proyecta’s Network!

This will consolidate a creative and cultural community in Alicante through a powerful online network where you can establish synergies, develop projects and collaborations, and engage in networking permanently.

👉 Live off your art, boost culture, project your ideas

As you can see, the ImpulsaCultura Proyecta program is an opportunity for all those creative individuals, art promoters, who see culture as a means of innovation and social improvement.

People who are willing to bet on their passion and turn it into stable long-term ideas.

Here you have all the information about the program: 

And besides, you can listen to this fantastic podcast that we’ve put together, discussing the features of this amazing program: PODCAST IMPULSACULTURA.

In short, this program offers the necessary tools to achieve a livelihood through art, with the learning, support, and backing of a strong community, a network of cultural entrepreneurship in Alicante.

Because without culture, the future does not exist.

Do you join in? 😁👍

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