The power of Community: Entrepreneurial and transformative tribes

“Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Nice phrase, isn’t it?

One of those for a t-shirt. A motto. The kind that says a lot with just a few words.

Even though this quote is not ours (it’s from Ryunosuke Satoro, a Japanese writer), equally powerful ideas emerge every day in the communities we manage.

In fact, similar phrases could adorn the walls of any of our coworking spaces, and it would make perfect sense.

You see, that’s the foundation on which we constantly work: when we come together, we are much more capable.

We carry this entrepreneurial spirit in our hearts.

It’s become such a significant aspect that we no longer talk about teams or groups, but about tribes.

Tribes! We absolutely love the concept!

It perfectly defines the feeling that arises in these entrepreneurial communities that transform territories.

We are so thrilled about this topic that we intentionally created this post to explain why these tribes are so essential to our team.

Ready to take a step towards the future? Well, here we go.

馃憠 Tribes that venture, communities that transform

When the word “tribe” is mentioned, several things can come to mind.

  • First: people might start imagining a Mad Max-like world, with clothes made of leather patches and car tires, and Tina Turner singing under the thunder dome.
  • Second: they might think of aboriginals going about their daily activities.
  • Third (ours): it automatically creates a sense of belonging for the individuals who are part of the entrepreneurial communities we manage.

And if we get into the details, the definition of the word “tribe” refers to “a social group or association made up of a set of people who share customs, beliefs, and a common goal.”

A perfect description that fits the people who work and thrive within these communities like a fish in water.

All with the same vision: to transform.

鉁 1. Coworking spaces are the container; the power lies within the people

That’s right.

Beyond managing coworking spaces, our focus is on people. On the idea of bringing together wonderful minds with talent and good intentions, and with the common goal of growing and improving the environment.

If you notice, it’s a very tribal way of thinking.

People with common interests and affinity, in a place where they feel comfortable. But above all, where they can grow personally and develop professionally.

In this way, coworking and communities are two parts of a whole. Two sides of the same coin, if you prefer.

To such an extent, this association has led us to coin names for each of the tribes according to their coworking space:

  • Hubitantes in Hubitat Mutxamel.
  • Teixidors in Teixidor de Petrer.

Okay, it’s true that we are still working on it, that’s why they were left out of that list of spectacular names – Genion Lab.

But don’t worry. We already have an initiative in La Network to find a suitable name.

Long live technology!

鉁 2. Tribes with a purpose of transformative change

We emphasize a lot that these communities have a transformative power.

We are specifically referring to the potential for improvement in the territory where they are located.

And this is because their actions not only enrich the area by creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem but also mobilize all the people and institutions involved in local development.

They are like a heart that pumps oxygen into the entire territory.

Moreover, a large part of these tribes is associated with various training programs that have been extended over time, such as “PetrerEmprende.”

This program has already had 5 editions and has built an entire community from the first to the last edition, consisting of entrepreneurial individuals with fantastic and powerful projects.

Lastly, but not least, it is important to highlight the economic, social, and environmental impact that entrepreneurial communities generate.

An impact that stays here, in our territory, improving it, giving it life, energy, and possibilities.

馃憠 The Network: the digital nexus of all entrepreneurial communities

You probably already know about La Network.

If you are a coworker at any of the workspaces we manage or have participated in any of Genion’s entrepreneurship programs, you might have had the chance to explore it and even joined several Initiatives alongside other entrepreneurs.

And indeed, La Network is more than just an app or a digital platform. It’s a meeting place and co-creation hub for all those tribes we mentioned earlier.

Everything we have seen so far has its digital counterpart here.

But it also allows:

  • Initiating projects with continuous monitoring.
  • Organizing tasks and sharing documentation.
  • Creating agile workspaces alongside other people.
  • Engaging in conversations about cool topics with like-minded individuals.
  • Connecting with those people and institutions you never seem to reach.

That’s right, here the focus is the same: to support and grow committed entrepreneurial communities.

Communities initially associated with coworking spaces but now also have a virtual reflection in La Network.

This platform was created because during the pandemic, we refused to stop working close to people.

No, not at all. There was no way we could abandon all the potential and talent of the people, no matter how challenging things were. (we talked about it in this post “Digitales y Verdes”).聽

In the end, what mattered most was that all these tribes remained interconnected through this network of networks, where different communities are housed, coexist, converse, exchange opinions, and create shared projects.

馃憠 We keep moving forward, with the focus on communities and people

Eight years have passed since we started this journey. Eight years already! Time flies…

And during all this time, we have learned so much.

In fact, we have a saying within the team: one year of coworking is equivalent to seven years of a regular person’s experience.

Many things have happened to us, and we have also launched many initiatives.

And after all, right now, at this very moment, we are very clear that our passion lies in the creation and development of entrepreneurial communities.

We have seen what the power of a community of talented, creative, and enthusiastic people can achieve. It is an immense and transformative force that grows when they come together, connect, and start collaborative initiatives.

This is our journey, and fortunately, more and more people decide to join us.

They may not know yet where the journey will take them, but just for the personal and professional growth it entails, it is already worth it.

Meanwhile, in Genion, we will continue paddling so that these tribes grow and multiply, transforming the environment with them.

What do you say then, will you join the journey?

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