[Learnings from the pandemic II] Alliances for Growth (or weaving everywhere, as we say in Genion)

la network

Are you familiar with the saying that human beings are social animals?

I’m sure it is.

And we have heard it hundreds of times since confinement.

I say hundreds, thousands!

But it’s no less true for being repetitive, is it?

People need each other. Whether emotionally, personally or professionally. We are the threads with which society, our society, is woven.

Development and progress depend essentially on these ties, on what we manage to build in partnership.

Yes, we know we’re getting more serious than we should.

But that way of seeing the world, that passion for the CO world [collaborate, connect, co-create, cooperate, trust…] has ended up shaping the essence of Genion.

What we didn’t know was how important it was going to be to weave and maintain those partnerships during this pandemic.

Want to know what else we’ve learned in this (veeeeery) long process?

Here we go.

👉 We have realised one thing: we don't know how to grow alone

In fact, we neither know nor want to.

We enjoy taking from here and there. Learning from experts, good people who add value to our work, who make us better.

Well, we like to surround ourselves with the best of each house.

That is our approach: weaving alliances that help us build a better society.

Sounds ambitious?

It may be. But we are convinced that it is a possible goal, so we spend our days weaving, giving our all to achieve it.

And here’s a button to prove it:

A few years ago we decided that we were going to turn the coworking spaces where we work (and practically live) into real epicentres for generating alliances.

What did we want to achieve with this?

Very easy (or not, but we like challenges). To transform our land. To connect local talent. Empower them to lead change with the necessary support. To turn the area we impact into a more active, better and more supportive place.

No more, no less.

✅ 1. But such an important goal cannot be achieved alone.

It is impossible.

Long-term action for transformation and improvement requires the involvement of all stakeholders in our society.


We never tire of repeating it. In order to have a positive impact on society, it is necessary to work together with:

  • Local governments, designing itineraries to generate entrepreneurial communities that transform cities and towns.
  • Provincial and regional governments, articulating tools to promote the development of the talent of our land.
  • Institutions and associations, together with which to tackle the great challenges of our future.
  • Universities, to transfer knowledge and innovation to the business and social environment.
  • Investors and committed financial institutions, promoting the projects that society needs.
  • Large companies, driving transformations and open innovation to incorporate it into their social responsibility.
  • SMEs, businesses, self-employed professionals… accompanying them in their search for opportunities and the future.
  • Media, to give local talent the visibility it deserves.
  • Coworking spaces, generating a large network of entrepreneurs.
  • Everybody…

For example, Genion is part of the Territorial Employment Pact of Vinalopó, actively participating in the design of the project that is currently connecting the most relevant social agents of the Middle and Upper Vinalopó related to Employment and highlighting local reference projects that serve as inspiration to the rest of the region.

We are also collaborator of the Distrito Digital of the GVA; our particular contribution to change the productive model of the Valencian Community towards the digital economy.

You will find us collaborating with universities and research centres in the province (University of Alicante, Master Deleite, UA and UMH Science Park, Alicante Open Future of Telefónica or CEEI Elche and Inescop), as a partner company of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce Club or the Vinalopó Territorial Employment Pact, as associates and promoters of projects in Jovempa, Adlypse, Fevecta, Inovare,  Proworkspaces o Coworking Spain, among others, or launching new local assistance challenges together with the Cruz Roja, Sense Barreres or Asprodis.

What do you think? Are you ready to review your goals and find company for your journey?

For our part, we promise to do our best to continue to be a nexus where all the actors involved in a positive transformation of society converge.

✅ 2. And let's not forget our best connection tool: La Network.

As you can see, our aim is to connect our coworking spaces (and our coworkers) with all kinds of key players and generate alliances.

A task that would be much more difficult if we didn’t have La Network.

You know, the platform through which we bring entrepreneurs closer to all those key institutions and entities.

This is where synergies shine the brightest, where alliances are woven the fastest and where projects of all kinds are set in motion.

That’s why it’s not crazy to say that La Network is the definitive space for generating a powerful and transformative network.

Now you understand why we spoil it so much and why we are always attentive to everything that is happening, dynamising and coordinating (just ask our colleague Elena Payá), don’t you?

Obviously, everything has room for improvement and this tool is no different.

But the more we work with it, the more we are in this community, the more the platform will grow and, therefore, the more effective it will become.

What? Not yet part of La Network? At the moment you can become a coworker at Genion Lab, Glub Center or Hubitat Mutxamel to access it. But, soon, you will be able to do it through new spaces and associations in the province of Alicante.

So don’t wait any longer! Here’s how to join this online community.

distrito digital petrer

👉 We have learned a lot, but we still have a long journey ahead of us.

We like people, you see. ☺

That’s why we started this journey, it’s our way of getting closer to people, making territory and improving our environment (and not only in person, but also online as we say in this post in which we declare ourselves more digital and green).

But with a focus on our beloved coworking spaces: GenionLab, Glub y Hubitat [#workandlive]

We continue to learn and move forward. Sometimes with longer steps, sometimes with shorter steps. But always walking.

Will you join us? 😉


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