A fellowship programme for women entrepreneurs

The Break returns to Vinalopó

A unique land where we strive to write new futures. Creating different models, loaded with values, to elevate what we have learned in the past.

In 2022, thanks to EOI and Impact Hub, 240 women entrepreneurs and businesswomen from Europe arrived in Spain to contribute their professional experience, energy, and willingness to collaborate in driving transformations in the territories where they were welcomed. Genion was selected among more than 60 organizations, becoming the only entity in the Valencian Community that hosted 24 of them to guide them on an exciting journey where they experienced our local challenges as their own. If you want to know more about this experience, here is the detailed diary of The Break 2022!

In 2023, the alliance formed by Impact Hub, Mentor Day, and StartUp ST once again designates Genion as the sole Entrepreneurial Organization to manage The Break in the Valencian Community, in the iconic space for entrepreneurship in our region: Genion Lab, located between the regions of Medio and Alto Vinalopó. Accelerating committed and responsible projects, creating communities to redefine the future of entrepreneurship in Europe, and connecting with local businesses and citizens are among the main objectives of this edition.

Breakers in Vinalopó? Yes!

24 breakers arrived in the regions of Medio and Alto Vinalopó from September to November 2022. Creative, brave, and entrepreneurial women who came to connect, co-create, accelerate their companies, and provide global perspectives to our local challenges, and who changed our vision of almost everything for those of us fortunate enough to live with them during those months.

In May, a new group of women entrepreneurs participating in The Break 2023 will settle in Genion Lab to reconnect with this land of entrepreneurial individuals and contribute with new visions and participate in the local development of our regions.

Do you want to get to know them?

The Break Vinalopó 2023

Alice Raimondi

Otto Studio. Inclusive and accessible fitness and yoga.


Dagmar Cmorej

Communication training for healthcare professionals. Health Professionals Communication.


Nadine Schratzberger

Circular Economy Fashion Expert.Sustainable and circular fashion.


Sabina Gosarić

Linderior. Eco-friendly and handmade interior decoration.


Paulina Łukasiewicz

Esntl Studio. Sustainable, conscious fashion and local design.


Pinija Poljaković

Art Media. Empowerment, public speaking and event presentation.


Andrea Kozina

Ogled & Nedogled.Unique events around Art.


Enrica La Palombara

ELPsenzaH. Mental and physical health platform.


Caterina Paddeu

Uire. Founder of Uire Retreats Sardinia and tourist manager.


Fernanda Ferreira

Coaching inspirational. Leadership to inspire your community.


Alina Luncasu

Post Scriptum. Uniforms and customised work clothes.


Anadora Lupo

Anlu. Circular design studio with metal, ceramics and textiles.


Stefania Malfatti

Officina Sartoriale Alternativa. Connecting consumers with local producers.


Elena Tanase

Merida. Children’s education for peace and citizen activism.


Meneliswa McDonald

Umoja linn. Digital fashion platform and support for African design

Dublin (Ireland)

Yuval Ackerman

Copywriting. Transparent and human email marketing.

Berlin (Germany)

Ivana Castellano

Illustration, graphic design, communication and look & feel.

Zagreb (Croatia)

Anna Szabó

Social Media Management. Online communication and social media platforms.

Budapest (Hungary)

Nadine Korn

Ihr & Jetzt. Connecting young people with stakeholders from the education, civil society, politics, and business sectors.

Karlsruhe (Germany)

Elizabeth Wright Veintimilla

Me Voy de Casa. Spaces for meeting and support for women traveling alone in Latin America.

Stockholm (Sweden)

Sophia Schmidt

Pro_FUND. Assistance in obtaining resources and funding for non-profit organizations.

Berlin (Germany)

Carmen Ivona Dumitrescu

Sense Of Place Architecture. Sustainability and social ecology. Creating spaces anchored to the environment.

Vienna (Austria)

Olesja Heinz

Integrated Marketing Communication. 360 Marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurial projects.

Oberursel (Germany)

Caterina Giusto

Italian with a movie. Certified Italian teacher who transforms entire movies into interactive courses.

Menaggio (Italy)

Valerie Hentschel

Buchpicker App. Assistance for readers and book buying recommendations for pickup at local independent bookstores.

Munich (Germany)

Daniela Lorena Ponce de Leon Corona

Blossom Out Concept. Connection, listening to emotions, intuition, thoughts, and awareness of the surrounding nature that encompasses women.

Hamburg (Germany)

Costanza Matteucci

MANO. Cooperative and network of small workshops and weavers to recover unused local resources.

Saint-Étienne (France)

Serena Borgni

Casa della Pace. Center for cultural resistance. Inclusive and diverse seminars, workshops, and residential activities for critical thinking and creativity.

Perugia (Italy)

The Break Vinalopó 2022


Social Communication for Change | Founder Empatia X Market

Hamburg (Germany) 


Founder Weather Underground, fashionable raincapes made of plants

Berlin (Germany)


Co-founder TheEarlybirds | One of the top 100 young sustainable leaders in the Netherlands
Roodhuis (Netherlands)


CEO & founder at

Vienna (Austria)


CEO & CO-Founder at Taxtastic | Women in Artificial Intelligence Austria
Wien (Austria)


Consultant | Cofounder NONUNE | Mechanical Engineer | Product Developer
Stockholm (Sweden)


Experienced Chief Financial Officer | Skilling, Scandinavian Fintech Company
Msida (Malta)


Social innovator | Project Manager | Mentor | MBA | CEO The Spark
Gdynia (Poland)


Solutions Development Manager | Experienced working for national and international NGOs in Europe, Mexico, and Africa
Loches (France)


Content Strategy for Fem/SexTech companies
Berlin (Germany)


Founder Oh My Gast | Coach | Conflict Resolution in Co-founder Relationships
Pforzheim (Germany)

AnnaDiaz Tena

PhD candidate Marie Curie | Specialised on Circular Economy Implementation
Graz (Austria)

Josephine NjuhiKarianjahi

Cofounder and Co-Director Africa Podfest | Research, Original Productions, Events and Ecosystem Building Across Africa
Kenya – Dusseldorf (Germany)


Founder & Director at Among, a social innovation organisation | Service Designer | Facilitator | Project Manager | Social Entrepreneurship
Thessaloniki (Greece)


Education & social impact advocate | Dedicated to Sustainable Fashion | Ethical Gifting| Educational Workshops | Founder & CEO of Moi Namaste | WISE Emerging Leader 2019 | Social Entrepreneurship
India – Helsinki (Finland)


Sustainable fashion through upcycling and made-to-order | Fashion Designer Limo Wardrobe
Kronberg im Taunus (Germany)

VeronikaŘehák Balson

Social Entrepreneurship | Fashion | Purply Director
Prague (Czech Republic)


Femininity Coach | Health
Cologne (Germany)


Sustainability | UN Volunteer | Nanotechnology | Scientific Writer| Manager of european H2020 | Founder of Dr. Green Economy
Ludwigsburg (Germany)

AgnèsBatllori Benet

Industry | Comms specialist & adoption at the Digital Workplace at Inter IKEA | Documentary film producer | Sock innovation
Spain – Delft (Netherlands)


International Property Investor | Entrepreneur | Writer | Rural development
Radomsko (Poland)

Grete MerlynKaljumäe

Digital designer | New Ordinary People: zero waste biodegradable streetwear brand
Estonia – Cernobbio (Italy)


Ecological transition and energy | M.Sc. Global Challenges for Sustainability | Co Founder at Ecode
Netherlands – Montpellier (France)

Maithevan Luijk

Problems solver through software | The Guru Agency | LSTNR
Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The challenges

European female talent to co-create new roadmaps that help us tackle the challenges that concern us the most in two key sectors of our region. Always from the perspective of sustainable regeneration, building thriving economies and communities for the betterment of the planet as well.


With special attention to the role of women and the key professional activities that will shape the future of the industry.


Tackling a review of the potential of Vinalopó as an inland tourist destination from a more European perspective.

Would you like to be part of this journey?

To ensure that The Break continues to grow in Vinalopó every year, we will need many individuals and organizations contributing their expertise and experience. The European Program funds all the basic services for the entrepreneurs, but we want the experience and connections with our region to be even more transformative. That’s why we are selecting Collaborating Entities, Professionals, and Local Sherpas. Together, we will make The Break an unforgettable journey.

El Equipo Mentor


Esther Navarro

Mission, Values and Purpose, the true lighthouse of your Brand

Annabell Gast

Communication Mindset and Business Relationships | Well-being Manager

Diego Tomás

Business Model | Finance | High-Value Connections in the Territory

Carlos Verdú

Facilitator | Local Connections | Positive Impact Business Model

Natalia Bravo

Creative Body Expression, Communication and Public Speaking

Maithe van Luijk

Customer Experience | User Experience | No-code & Low-code solutions | Brand & consistency

José Juan Martínez

Critical and integral analysis of the financial strategy in order to ensure the viability of the business

Alicia Filiu

Personal and Team Organization tips and habits | Trello Master

Agnieszka Ploska

Crowdfunding | Testing, prototyping and strategic approach to the project

Alberto Segura

Intellectual Property

Katharina Funke-Braun

Design | Strategy | Business Development | Circularity

Macarena Segarra

Sustainability | Circular economy | Integrated Management Systems Auditor | Corporate Social Responsibility

Ana Sánchez

Building up an Ecommerce and Community from zero | Buying and selling | Suppliers | Retail and Negotiation Skills

Veronika Řehak Balson

Startups | Fashion | Marketing

Verónica Valero

Brand Development | Design and Marketing | Sales Strategies | Management with suppliers and local manufacturers | Connecting the Spanish, European and Latin American markets

Parva Chhantyal

Sustainability | Environmental Scientist | Writing Dr Green Economy | Helping people to learn about the impact of Climate Change

Agnès Batllori

Communication and Change specialist | Some copy ready to be reviewed? Happy to work together to give it a twist!

Collaborating entities

Private companies, associations, educational centers… committed to female entrepreneurship that want to connect with the group of entrepreneurs to create valuable connections and actively participate in the activities and events of the program. Collaborating entities such as Inescop, Cableworld, the City Council of Petrer, and Centauro, which made the mobility of the breakers possible in our territory, are already participating!


Being part of the mentoring team alongside Genion for the European program The Break, supporting entrepreneurs in specific areas for their projects and creating high-value contacts in Europe. In return, you can become part of the largest online platform for individuals, companies, and entities in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our province.

Local Sherpas

Shops, restaurants, translators, general public… who want to offer products, services, or any proposal that enhances their experience in the localities and thus become part of The Break Guide to discover Vinalopó.

Host City The Break Vinalopó 2023

These are the entities that already collaborate with Genion for the European program The Break in Vinalopó:

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This program is part of the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation, the long-term vision promoted by the Government to make Spain a reference country in innovative entrepreneurship in the year 2030. This vision is articulated in the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy promoted from Government Presidency through the High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation.

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